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Ofra Mehoudar, MSc. Medical Info
Ofra Mehoudar, MSc

Epidemiologist, Public Health & Medical Informationist

Current Work / Services

  • Health & Medical Informationist for doctors, patients and lawyers*
  • Epidemiologic research / consultant
  • "Medical Detective" for rare or "mysterious" medical conditions
  • Medical writer
  • Health Literacy – Researcher and lecturer.


MSc in Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University (2004).

BA in Psychology and Linguistics, Tel Aviv University (1996).

Academic Reviewing

Research proposal reviewer for the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research.

Selected Publications

Mehoudar O. Health literacy and e-health literacy: Access to health information as key to equal social opportunities. Health Promotion in Israel 2014; 5: 25-34 [Hebrew]. View file: Health Promotion

Mehoudar O, Schachter L, The legal status of dietary supplements and herbal remedies. Journal of the Israeli Medicine and Law Association (ISMAL) 2005; 33: 125-129 [Hebrew]. View file: ISMAL

Kahan E, Rabin S, Tzur-Zilberman H, Rabin B, Shofty I, Mehoudar O, Kitai E. Knowledge and attitudes of primary care physicians regarding battered women. Comparison between specialists in family medicine and GPs. Family Practice 2000; 17: 5-9. View file: Family Practice-2000

Rabin S, Kahan E, Zalewsky S, Rabin B, Herz M, Mehudar O, Kitai E . Primary care physicians’ attitudes to battered women and feelings of self-competence regarding their care. Israel Medical Association Journal (IMAJ) 2000; 2: 753-757. View file: IMAJ

Kahan E, Lemesh C, Pines A, Mehoudar O, Peretz C, Ribski M. Workers’ Right-to-Know legislation: Does it work? Occupational Medicine (London) 1999; 49: 11-15. View file: Occupational Medicine

Areas of Interest and Expertise

Medical Information; eHealth; Health Literacy; Medical Education; Ethical, legal and social aspects of medicine;
Integrative & Complementary 
Medicine; Regulation of dietary supplements.

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Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel: 972-3-6412281 (GMT+2)

Cell: 972-52-2646661

e-mail: Ofra@medi-kal.com

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* Note: None of my Services intends to replace consultation with a doctor.



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